São Vicente: Biosfera promotes “Vencedor pela Natureza” contest to create environmental stimulus through entertainment

Mindelo, Dec 29 (Inforpress) – As of next year, the Biosfera Cabo Verde Association organizes the television contest “Vencedor pela Natureza” (Winner for Nature), which aims to awaken the environmental stimulus in Cabo Verdeans through entertainment, said the president of the institution, Tommy Melo.

As the same source explained to Inforpress, Biosfera intends to create a television program similar to “Who wants to be a millionaire”, in which, through questions and answers, competitors can win monetary prizes and services.

“The idea is to awaken the interest of Cabo Verdeans for the environment, through entertainment”, considered Tommy Melo, adding that the contest is open to everyone from 18 years old and up to 100 and from all the islands of Cabo Verde.

The president of Biosfera assured that it is not necessary to be a biologist to participate, but “simply to have a little general knowledge of the environment in Cabo Verde and its species”.



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