Sao Vicente: All cargo taken off the Soby ship – followed by fuel extraction and refloating of the ship

Mindelo, April 26 (Inforpress) – The technical team of the Spanish UCS company, which since 19th this month began the removing process of the Soby ship, adorned in one of the cradles of the caboose terminal in Porto Grande, has already removed all cargo from the vessel.

Altogether, six containers and their trailers were removed from the ship and this morning the preparation work began on the emptying of fuel tanks, a process that precedes, in the coming days, the attempt to put the Soby to refloating.

The Soby ship, belonging to the Oceano Made company, is seated at the bottom of one of the cradles of the coast  in Porto Grande in Mindelo since last April 24, making it difficult to anchor the Mar de Canal ship, which connects daily the islands of Sao Vicente and Santo Antao.

Due to this constraint, the ship from Armas company has shared the international dock with international freighters and with cruise ships, a situation that is creating constraints on Enapor, the company that manages the national ports.

After being refloated, the 44-meter-long Soby roll-on roll-off vessel capable of carrying 255 tonnes shall be removed to an area to be designated by the maritime authorities on the basis of the shipowner decisions.


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