São Vicente: Alcides Graça renews term of office of PAICV Regional Political Commission

Mindelo, Nov 25 (Inforpress) – Lawyer Alcides Graça renewed his term as chair of the Regional Political Commission (CPR) of the African Independence Party of Cabo Verde (PAICV, opposition party) in Sao Vicente, in elections held Sunday, with his opponent Nilton Silva.

According to informations gave to Inforpress and RCV on Sunday night, the results are still provisional, but already give him the victory, for now, with 55 percent (%) of the votes cast.

Alcides Graça said he was “very pleased” with the confidence that the militants once again placed in him, the majority, and now he wants to “work with everyone” to affirm the first pillar of his candidacy, which is “strengthening internal cohesion, but with respect for the difference”.

“We intend to create a core of support and promotion of inclusion and internal cohesion to respond to this urgent need of the PAICV in recent times”, announced when presenting his application.

The second, he said, is the qualification of the database in which they want to reconnect the militants who are deactivated and recruit new supporters with a view to reaching five thousand militants by 2022. The third pillar is the transformation of the party headquarters into a focal point of convergence and promotion of youth commitments.



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