São Salvador do Mundo: Tourist information center helps in the dissemination of the tourist attractions in the municipality

Achada Igreja, Jul 20 (Inforpress) – The mayor of Sao Salvador do Mundo (Picos) said on Tuesday, the 19th, the opening of the tourist information center “PicArte” will help in the dissemination of the existing tourist attractions in this municipality of Santiago Island.

Ângelo Vaz spoke to the press after the inauguration of the “PicArte”, in the context of activities commemorating the 17 years of the creation of this municipality in the countryside of Santiago Island, separated in 2005 as a parish from the municipality of Santa Catarina, which was co-chaired by the Minister of Communities, Jorge Santos.

According to the Head of the municipal executive, in addition to promoting the existing tourist attractions in Picos will also join the art, culture and history of the municipality and Santiago Island.

“We will have a tourist spot par excellence, but we will also host other services such as insurance company, travel agency and City Hall services, namely contribution and tax services, so that you can serve all travelers and those from Sao Salvador do Mundo, but also the people who demand from the island as a whole”,  he explained.



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