São Salvador do Mundo: Emigrant donates musical instruments to create a municipal band

Praia, Jun 6 (Inforpress) – The emigrant António da Moura Correia, based in Luxembourg, delivered to the City Hall of São Salvador do Mundo a complete set of musical instruments, with the goal of creating a municipal band in this municipality of the countryside of Santiago.

In a statement to Inforpress, the emigrant from São Salvador do Mundo explained that this benevolent gesture is part of an old project that he had long wanted to achieve, which only materializes this Wednesday, which he says makes him “satisfied” because he is providing young talents that he did not have as a child.

Musical instruments and equipment composed of drums, guitar, bass, piano, speakers and sound tables, but the source did not want to speak of the amount, considering that they were bought over several years, “one by one” with own resources.

António Correia, who is a musician and has a band in Luxembourg, said he believed that these musical equipment will help “young talents” of the Picos in their artistic training.



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