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São Nicolau: Farmers in Tarrafal take part in workshop on sustainable agriculture and added value

Tarrafal, Jul 16  (Inforpress) – Farmers from Tarrafal participated Thursday in a workshop on sustainable agriculture and added value, organized by the City Hall of Tarrafal and the Regional Technical Unit of the Rural Socio-Economic Opportunities Program (POSER) of São Nicolau.

Speaking to Inforpress  in the context of the workshop,  Dircelena Cabral, councillor responsible for the agriculture and environment portfolio, said the objective is to leverage the agricultural sector in the municipality, especially with the implementation of new production techniques.

“We want to leverage agriculture in the municipality of Tarrafal, so we bring together farmers to receive information about production techniques and also to raise awareness and generate a change of mentalities,” she said.

Dircelena Cabral also said they want to create ways for farmers to be able to dispose their products out of the island. “It is necessary to create dynamics to flow the agricultural products both in the local market and outside the island,” she said.



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