Sao Miguel: Gongon Community has benefited with a space for youth and tourism

Calheta, Dec 27 (Inforpress) – Gongon, an isolated area of the municipality of São Miguel in the countryside of Santiago island, has benefited with a space for youth and tourism, built by the local authority, in partnership with the Luxembourg NGO CVED and PSF.

Cap-Vert Espoir et Développement (CVED) and Pharmaciens Sans Frontières (PSF) have contributed to other projects in that municipality.

The opening ceremony of the community space was chaired by the Mayor of São Miguel, Herménio Fernandes, who took advantage of his stay in this rural community to hold a social gathering with the 92 people who live there and also to visit the improvement works in the vicinal streets.

According to the local authority, the community space will have several advantages and will be equipped according to the needs that the local population understands as priorities. Because, according to the City Hall executive, it is a place that will serve as a meeting and socializing point for the 92 people who live in the locality, but it is also a stopping place for tourists to satisfy their basic needs, enjoy the landscape and live together with the local population.



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