Sao Filipe: Winery Cha foresee production close to the registered in the year 2014


Sao Filipe, April 10 (Inforpress) – The winery Cha, from the winemakers of Cha das Caldeiras, the largest vineyard area on the island, expects a good wine production for this year and approximates to the 2014, which was the best harvest ever.

David Gomes “Neves”, an agricultural technician and one of those responsible for the winery in Cha das Caldeiras, reported this information during the Portuguese President visit to this economic unit, indicating that in 2014, the year the cellar was literally destroyed by the lavas, the production was over 250 thousand liters, the best ever.

The vines, after the period of pruning and cleaning fields, are in the flowering phase and because of the vegetative vigor of the plants, the vintners expect an excellent production for 2017, whose winemaking campaign takes place in late July and August.

The production forecast depends on the favorable climatic conditions, but also on the increase of the cultivated area, with annual planting of thousands of grapevine plants, taking advantage of all available land and suitable for agriculture.

If the forecast is confirmed, the 2017 production could be three times more than the production of 2016, which, according to David Gomes, exceeded 70 thousand liters of wine.



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