Sao Filipe: Lecture on the flags and production of a documentary in the program of the centenary festival

Sao Filipe, March 30 (Inforpress) – A lecture on the flags of Fogo Island, highlighting the Sao Filipe and the production of a television documentary are part of the commemorative activities of the centenary (1917-2017) of the disinterruption of the flag of Sao Filipe.

The lecture will be attended by three scholars from the flags and other cultural aspects of the Fogo Island, namely the professors Jose Maria Semedo, Fausto do Rosario and Luis Pires, under the moderation of Antonieta Lopes, and the outcome lecture material will be systematized in a brochure under the responsibility of Antonieta Lopes.

In addition to the lecture, during this year celebrations, starting on April 20, Casa das Bandeiras will gather statements and testimonies of people linked to the flag of Sao Filipe festivities aiming at the production of a television documentary, according to Henrique Pires, from the Casa das Bandeiras Foundation.

Henrique Pires, who has been scheduled for another meeting on Thursday, the second in a three-day meeting with the mayor of Sao Filipe to finalize the program, which will be available at the beginning of next week, said to Inforpress that both Casa das Bandeiras and the City Hall of Sao Filipe are committed and motivated to hold a celebration with dignity and dimension that the centenary deserves.




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