Sao Filipe: Casa das Bandeiras takes positive note of the centenary celebration of the unearth the flag

Sao Filipe, May 2 (Inforpress) – The administrator of Casa das Bandeiras, Henrique Pires, considered that the centenary celebration of the unearth the Sao Filipe Flag took place as scheduled, despite some mishaps with the knights.

In statements to Inforpress, Henrique Pires said that the organization of the festive activities of the of Sao Filipe Flag happened normaly, highlighting only the occurrence of a problem with the knights who, according to the responsible, have become professionals and do not participate for love in the activities.

He explained that on May 1st, only one rider appeared at Casa das Bandeiras to carry the flag to the Church, when the rule dictates that everyone who participates in the horse riding contest should participate in other activities, including the conduction of the flag to the Church and on Cavalhadas.

In addition to this small mishap, which was later corrected with some horses to participate in the procession, the centennial celebration of the  unearth the flag, which brought many people to the Fogo Island, the greatest number ever, took place in normality and all activities programmed by the Casa das Bandeiras were held.





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