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Santo Antão: Works of the sports field in Figueiral generate discontent among young people

Ribeira Grande, Dec 9 (Inforpress) – The works of the sports field in Figueiral, Ribeira Grande, Santo Antão, inaugurated in January, are generating a wave of discontent among the youth in that locality, according to the spokesperson, Juvêncio Delgado, report to Inforpress.

The source said that four months after the first rains, the floor of the sports field in Figueiral began to show cracks, resulting from the infiltration of water and as a worker at the beginning of the sport field construction, he said he was in a position to attribute the blame to “lack of inspection”, since, according to him, “there was no correction of the water flow”.

“They would have to correct the water flow, since when it rains, the water passes by the sports filed and ended up infiltrating by lifting a good part of the floor”, added Juvêncio Delgado.

Another young man from Figueiral, José Gomes considered that the sports field is the only work built in that area and it was a dream of the population for over 20 years.



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