Santo Antão: Training in Industrial Fish Transformation and Conservation Techniques ended today in Ribeira Grande

Ribeira Grande, Feb 13 (Inforpress) – A group of fishermen and fishmongers in the municipality of Ribeira Grande will receive their diplomas today, at the end of a training course in Industrial Fish Transformation and Conservation Techniques.

This training action involved 33 trainees, five fishermen and 28 fishmongers, from the fishing communities of Ponta do Sol and Cruzinha, and it took place at the Training Center in Agri-food Transformation of Afonso Martinho.

This is an action implemented by the Santo Antão Employment and Professional Training Center, in partnership with the City Hall of Ribeira Grande (CMRG) and the Instituto do Mar Delegation (IMAR, former INDP) in Ribeira Grande, given by a trainer from this Institute.

During this training action, the participants learned how to make fish hamburger, fish chorizo, fish salami, fish mortadella and smoked fish, the news that will come out from this training sponsored by the City Hall of Ribeira Grande and certified by the Employment Institute and Professional Training (IEFP).



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