Santo Antão: There is more water and land for agriculture but the market problem is still a huge challenge – MAA


Porto Novo, July 10 (Inforpress) – The delegate from the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA) in Porto Novo today considered that there is more water and land available for agriculture in Santo Antão, but access to the market is still “a huge challenge” for this sector.

According to Joel Barros, Santo Antão has more water mobilized and more land available for agriculture, but there is still “a huge challenge” to create the conditions for products to reach national markets.

The producers, according to this official speaking on Monday, in Porto Novo, in opening a training for MAA technicians in the Barlavento region on cooperativism and associativism need to be better oriented on the market issue.

That is why Joel Barros considers the three-day training to be of “great importance” as part of MAA’s strategy to entrepreneurialize the agricultural sector in Cabo Verde, since it will enable these technicians to support farmers in their cooperative organization and/or associations.





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