Santo Antão: The “Pinha ma Kentei” play by Juventude em Marcha will be adapted to the cinema in November

Porto Novo, Sept 2 (Inforpress) – The “Pinha ma Kentei” play, by the Juventude em Marcha company, from the island of Santo Antão, will be adapted to the cinema with the production of a feature film, whose filming begins from November.

The information was provided to Inforpress by the group’s leader, actor and director Jorge Martins, who said that “Pinha ma Kentei” will be the second feature film of the group Juventude em Marcha, after “Canjana”, produced in 2018.

“Pinha ma Kentei” is a tragicomedy “well conceived and very well interpreted” by the actors from this theatrical company, a production that brings “a tragic and ironic experience”, explained Jorge Martins, adding that “at one point, it turns into a lot of comicity, a dissatisfied contentment, surpassing hatred and evil, achieving the happiness that the twin brothers have always dreamed of”.

In these 38 years, Juventude em Marcha produced more than four dozen works, many of which were adapted for cinema, and the feature film “Canjana”, which portrays the famine that plagued the islands of the archipelago in 1947, was highlighted.

The first production of this group, founded in 1984, was the telemovie “Family Problems”, recorded in the 80’s by the former Experimental Television of Cabo Verde (TVEC).



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