Santo Antão: The people of Santo Antão believe that tourism on the island is losing out due to the lack of an airport

Porto Novo, Sep 29 (Inforpress) – Tourism in Santo Antão is losing out due to the absence of an airport, an infrastructure that “the island is sorely lacking”, which, even so, has been highly sought after by tourists from various countries of the world.

This is the opinion of several locals approached by Inforpress about the international nature tourism conference being held today on the Planalto Leste, as part of a government initiative to mark World Tourism Day, celebrated on the 27th.

Ramiro Rodrigues, from Santo Antão, said that the airport “leaves Santo Antão wanting”, as there are “a lot of people” who want to visit the region, but that the lack of an airport infrastructure has greatly conditioned this desire, believing that the island is lose from it.

Jailson Tavares, another resident, is of the opinion that Santo Antão could be receiving between 100 and 150 thousand tourists per year, if it had its airport, a project that the Government has been promising “for several years”, he recalled.



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