Santo Antão: Ten thousand plants produced by Amupal will be fixed in the perimeter of the Planalto Leste

Porto Novo, Mar 13 (Inforpress) – Ten thousand plants will be fixed, this year, in the forest perimeter of the Planalto Leste, in Santo Antão, within the framework of the project to recover this forest reserve, which in 2018 was the target of a fire, which consumed 200 hectares of forest.

The plants have already been produced by the  Women of the Planalto Leste Association in Santo Antão (Amupal), with funding from the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, which expects, in three years, to recover the forest perimeter, in an investment of around 30 million escudos.

The president of Amupal, Josefa Sousa, confirmed that the plants are already produced and available to the MAA to be fixed within the scope of the reforestation actions planned for Planalto Leste, throughout this year.

In addition to plant production, this association has also been developing actions to clean the forest, as part of the project to recover the forest perimeter. According to the MAA, about 42 thousand plant seedlings (pins, acacia trees) will be fixed in the Planalto Leste, with the implementation of the perimeter recovery plan, declared a forest reserve in 1990.





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