Santo Antão: Strategic partner for cement industry can come from Turkey, India or China 


Porto Novo, July 12 (Inforpress) – The “long-desired” strategic partner for the relaunch of the Porto Novo cement plant in Santo Antão may come from Turkey, India or China, countries whose entrepreneurs have been encouraged to invest in this industry, paralyzed since 2013.

The City Hall, jointly with the Government, has been looking for a strategic partner for the revitalization of the cement-pozzolan industry in Porto Novo, and has already received “some feedback” from foreign investors, mainly from Asia.

An Indian magnate has already expressed interest in investing in the pozzolan of Porto Novo, whose studies have already considered the product of “great quality”.

Later this year, a business mission from Turkey is expected in Santo Antão to identify business opportunities on this island, with the cement industry in the spotlight.



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