Santo Antão: Solution for serious problems of waste management goes through the construction of the sanitary landfill – Minister


Porto Novo, June 27 (Inforpress) – The solution to the “serious problems” that Santo Antão faces in terms of solid waste management, which are more acute in the municipalities of Paul and Ribeira Grande, involves the construction of the sanitary landfill.

The guarantee is from the Minister of Agriculture and Environment, Gilberto Silva, who informed that there is already “an understanding” among the three municipalities of the island, the solution for the solid waste management produced in Santo Antão involves the installation of the sanitary landfill, which will be located in Porto Novo.

“The solution has to go through the construction of a sanitary landfill. A space has already been identified in the municipality of Porto Novo and the municipalities are having the understanding on this matter,” said Gilberto Silva this Monday at the Parliament, in response to a question from MP Adilson Fernandes, elected by Santo Antão.

Adilson Fernandes took advantage of the institute of questions to the Government to alert to “the serious problem of public and environmental health” that the inter-municipal dump of Ribeira Brava (border between Paul and Porto Novo) is creating in Santo Antão, besides the “bad image” which is bringing to this island.






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