Santo Antão: Regional hospital staff outraged with four-month delay in paying overtime allowance

Ribeira Grande, Jun 29 (Inforpress) – Several employees at the João Morais Regional Hospital (HRJM) are outraged because four months delay in paying overtime allowance, a situation that they say has been dragging on since March.

Officials who sought out Inforpress to report the situation spoke on condition of anonymity because of “fear” of “possible threats” they may face. However, according to them, this is a situation that is not the first time is happening and according to them has “harmed them a lot” even to “honour” their commitments to third parties.

They claim that they are “tired” of going to the hospital administration office which always has the “same excuse” that everything “depends” on the central services of the Ministry of Health in the City of Praia. “We have already threatened to strike, but even so we are ignored because the Union represents us has also only given show off and has done nothing to help us solve this issue” pointed out.



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