Santo Antão: PR advocates “a new model and a new paradigm” for the Education sector

Porto Novo, Apr 12 (Inforpress) – The President of the Republic suggested “a new model and a new paradigm” for the education sector in Cabo Verde, able to take advantage of information technologies to bring higher education to all islands.

For José Maria Neves, who was speaking at a meeting with the living forces in the municipality of Porto Novo, you can not have universities on all the islands, since “a university is not a kindergarten”, because it requires investments in equipment, research and teacher training.

The Head of State, who was confronted with the Santo Antão population concern about the creation of a university center in Santo Antão, admitted that there has been “an extraordinary advance” in the field of education in Cabo Verde, which currently has more than 50 high schools.

He said, however, that the current model of education does not fit a country with less than 500.000 inhabitants, even though it is an archipelago with nine inhabited islands and the Diaspora.



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