Santo Antão: Plastic artists ask the competent authorities to better value the profession

Ribeira Grande, 09 Mai (Inforpress) – Délio Leite, artistic name “Deydezenh”, Ana Celeste “Any Javier” and Jairson Lima “Chaim” are Three plastic artists from Ribeira Grande, who ” asked, today, to the competent authorities for a better “valorisation” of their profession.

The contact of these “young talents” with art happened when they were still children, but, due to “fear and uncertainty” in this field, they decided to follow other professions and left art as a hobby in their free time.

Délio Leite told Inforpress that he became interested in the world of arts as a child, but only after the age of 35 did he decide to turn art into a profession.

An architect by training, Délio Leite explained that when choosing his profession, he decided to go into the field of architecture, as, according to him, it was a profession that gave him “guarantees”.



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