Santo Antão: Nearly 1.500 children must be vaccinated against measles and rubella in the municipality of Porto Novo 

Porto Novo, Nov 6 (Inforpress) – Porto Novo has more than 1.500 children from the age of nine months and before reaching the age of five, the target population of the measles and rubella vaccination campaign, which begins Wednesday, nationwide.

According to the projections of the National Institute of Statistics, Porto Novo has 1.589 children in this age group, but the health delegate of this county, Isaulina Delgado, estimates that the real number is 1.509 children, of which 95 % should be vaccinated in this campaign, lasting one week.

All staff at the health centre will be involved in this operation covering children between the ages of nine and 59 months, which will take place in kindergartens, schools and various fixed stations set up in all localities.

With the mobility of people, it will be “difficult” to reach all children, according to Isaulina Delgado, who believes, however, that at least 95% of the target population in this county will be reached, moreover, one of the goals proposed by the Ministry of Health for this campaign, which aims to contribute to the elimination of measles in this African region by 2020.



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