Santo Antão: “Lê Séb” conquers Santo Antão market

Ribeira Grande, Sep 7 (Inforpress) — The newly created brand of traditional products, Lê Séb, by the entrepreneur Arnaldino Rodrigues, known as Momone fell into the taste of Santo Antao citizens and is conquering its space in the markets of the island.

Ground coffee, camoca, fine corn 

flour, xerém are some of the products manufactured by Lê Séb.

Momone explained to Inforpress that he has a “very simple” reason which made him invest in a traditional products business in the middle of a pandemic. According to him, they are products people consume daily and, throughout his research, saw that these products arrive in the markets of Santo Antão from other islands or other countries.

“I started funding the project, but halfway through the money ran out and soon after came the pandemic. I stopped but always struggling to return with the investment and today I financed Lê Séb to 100 percent (%).



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