Santo Antão: Juventude em Marcha in Italy with the staging of the plays “Dor do Pecado” and “Pinha ma Kentei” on the agenda

Porto Novo, April 18 (Inforpress) – The theater company Juventude em Marcha from Santo Antão will be in Italy in May as part of another tour to Europe, according to information obtained by Inforpress from the group.

In Italy, Juventude em Marcha will have a schedule of shows that will include the staging of the plays “Dor do Pecado” and “Pinha ma Kentei”.

This theater company, with 39 years of existence, will also travel to Portugal.

Juventude em Marcha intends to shoot the theater play “Pinha ma Kentei” this year in 2023, which will be adapted to a film with the production of a feature film.

The work “Pinha ma Kentei” will be the second feature film of the Juventude em Marcha group, after “Canjana,” produced in 2018.



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