Santo Antão: Hospital waste placed in city waste containers causes discomfort in Ribeira Grande

Ribeira Grande, Jun 16 (Inforpress) – A box containing hospital waste was found today on the public road, near the waste containers, in the city of Ribeira Grande, a fact that is causing outrage on social networks, particularly on Facebook.

The complaint, which made it clear that “the COVID-19 tests were scattered on the city floor” of Ribeira Grande, was made by a citizen on its page on this social network and the fact has already been condemned by several commentators who “demand taking action” to “take responsibility”.

Contacted by Inforpress, the Health Delegate of Ribeira Grande, Florentina Lima, expressed “indignation”, but guaranteed that the waste in question “is not rapid tests” carried out in Ribeira Grande, which have a “disposal specific”.

“This is not a waste product from the tests we have been carrying out,” guaranteed the delegate of Health of Ribeira Grande.

Florentina Lima explained that the waste that was exposed in an inappropriate place “came from the hospital’s laboratory and not from the rapid tests” and “the responsibility is in charge of the company hired to collect and dispose hospital waste in an appropriate place” .



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