Santo Antão: Health Region promotes HIV / AIDS conference to assess disease indicators on island

Porto Novo, Dec 4 (Inforpress) – The Santo Antão Health Region promotes, on Thursday, a conference on the issue of HIV / AIDS with the purpose to assess the disease control program and the indicators on its evolution in the three counties of this island.

The director of the region, the doctor Ângela Gomes, explains that this conference, which is part of the celebrations of World HIV / AIDS Day in Santo Antão, aims to raise “a reflection on the management of the program to fight this disease on this island and the indicators from the different municipalities.

This meeting, which will be led by an infectologist, also aims to raise awareness, train and share experiences on the management of HIV cases registered in Santo Antão, as well as reflecting on practices and new strategies for promoting families within communities.

In Cabo Verde, according to a statement from the Santo Antão Health Region, HIV prevalence has been “a downward trend”, especially among men, from 0.8 percent (%) to 0.6 percent between 2015 and 2018. This trend is also observed in vertical transmission, which is expected to be eliminated in 2020.


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