Santo Antão: Government will focus on policies on people who need it most – says Minister

Cidade das Pombas, Paul, Mar 10 (Inforpress) — The Minister of Family, Inclusion and Social Development, Fernando Elísio Freire, assured on Wednesday, in Paul that the Government will “focus” on policies on the people who need it most and they are still “unfortunately” part of the “extremely” poor.

This position was announced to the press by Fernando Elísio Freire after the presentation and socialization of the MAIS program, at the António Januário Leite High School, where the Minister stated that the Executive already knows who are and where these people who will benefit from the program.

Meanwhile, the Government member acknowledged that there were “issues” that will be “reviewed and rethought” as in the case of former drug addicts and former prisoners and questioned whether some measures and policies still “make sense”.

For example, it questioned whether it makes sense to submit a criminal record by people who have committed minor offences due to addiction, arguing that it could be an inhibiting factor in access to vocational training, to the employment.



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