Santo Antão: Government says ecological conditions at the island prevent the total eradication of the millipede plague

Praia, Sep 23 (Inforpress) – The Minister of Agriculture and Environment said today that the Government is “realistic” that ecological conditions prevent the total eradication of the  millipede plague in the island of Santo Antão, pointing to its control as a strategy.

Gilberto Silva made these remarks to the press at the time of signing the concession contract for the service of management, exploitation and distribution of water resources for irrigation with the Águas de Rega company, when asked about the policies for mitigating the millipede plague which are in the origin of a prolonged embargo on the island of Santo Antão but,  according to the him, the Government does not want it to spread to the other islands of the country.

“The balance we have is: either we keep the situation on an island or we let the situation spread to the other islands. And of course what we are doing is in strict compliance with the law and good practice, but we must, in fact, facilitate the export of the processed products from Santo Antão which is a great carrier for all the islands”, admitted the minister.

The ruler said that there are several incentives at the level of the State Budget itself, in order to make the maximum transformation of agricultural products from Santo Antão and thus be able to access the markets of other islands, on the other hand, is to create the conditions for export to some tourist islands.



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