Santo Antão: Four thousand people move sea line São Vicente / Porto Novo for Easter occasion

Porto Novo, Apr 22 (Inforpress) – About four thousand people may have traveled between Thursday and Sunday on the São Vicente / Porto Novo maritime line, to attend the Easter celebrations in Santo Antão, an island that has experienced an unusual movement in these days.

According to the Inter-island ferry agency, the only one operating at this time on the route, the ship has been sold out on all trips since Thursday, saying that even the first trip of this Monday is exhausted.

Every year, during the Easter holidays, the line between the two neighboring islands knows this unusual movement, with thousands of people traveling to Santo Antão, thus boosting the island’s economy, especially in terms of transport and restaurant.

This year, attention was focused on Tarrafal de Monte Trigo and Ribeira das Patas (Porto Novo), but also on the city of Pombas (Paul), with musical performances brightened by various artists such as Constantino Cardoso, Loony Johnson, Ricky Boy, Dynamo, Anísio Rodrigues, among others.



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