Santo Antao: Espadaná village dreams with electric power 24 hours – residents

Porto Novo, June 6 (Inforpress) – The Espadana village population, in Santo Antao, expects in the near future have 24 hours electric power within the electrification project for this island, similar to what has already happened with other rural villages.

Domingos Gaudencio, a spokesman for the population of Espadana, an area on the eastern plateau, said that the inhabitants of this community dream “every day, with electricity 24 hours a day, similar to what happened in January in the neighboring area of Lagoa.

Still in the East Plateau, besides Espadana, other locations such as Pico da Cruz, Moroços and Matinho begs for electricity for 24 hours.

In the case of Pico da Cruz, the representative of this community, Ademilson Ramos, recalls that “for several years” the 45 families dream with electricity 24 hours a day.



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