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Santo Antão: ECOWAS and Expertise France strengthen relationship with promoters and agri-forestry systems project partners

Porto Novo, Jul 22 (Inforpress) – The Economic Community of West African Community States (ECOWAS) and Expertise France intend to strengthen the relationship between this international body and the partners of the agri-forestry programme, which is being implemented in Santo Antão.

A delegation from ECOWAS and Expertise France was in Santo Antão this week to accompany the project, having expressed a desire to strengthen the relationship with the project’s partners and promoters, with emphasis on the Association for the Defense of the Heritage of Mértola, Portugal, City Hall of Porto Novo and local associations.

The agri-forestry project of Santo Antão, which is being implemented by the Association for the Defence of the Heritage of Mértola, Portugal, is part of the GCCA+West Africa (GCCA+ AO) project, funded by the European Union, under the Intra ACP programme of the Initiative “Global Alliance against Climate Change Plus” (GCCA+), implemented by Expertise France, under the leadership of ECOWAS.

The agri-forestry systems project of Santo Antão is implemented in partnership with three community associations, being the Luz Verde do Norte “ALVEN” Association, the Young Farmers Association from the Peri-Urban Zone of Porto Novo and the Women Association from Planalto Leste.



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