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Santo Antão: Debts of the municipality with Águas do Porto Novo continue to increase – amount may be around 160 million escudos

Porto Novo, Sep 6 (Inforpress) – The debts of the municipality of Porto Novo with the Águas do Porto Novo company, resulting from the water supply for consumption in this municipality, have increased monthly, and can reach, at this time, 160 million escudos.

This was one of the questions raised on the occasion of the Porto Novo Municipality Day (September 2) by the African Independence Party of Cabo Verde (PAICV) which, through its workbench’s leader in the Municipal Assembly, Osvaldo Fortes, spoke of a debt of 160 million escudos which, in his view, is “a big problem” should be solved.

The Mayor of Porto Novo did not comment on the PAICV complaints, but said he believes the transformation into corporations of the water sector in Santo Antão, which involves the creation of the intermunicipal water company, can help solve “the structural problems” can arise in this same sector, in this island.

Since 2007, the municipality’s debts to Águas do Porto Novo, a company has produced desalinated water for consumption in the city of Porto Novo, have been “a serious threat” to the financial sustainability of this water production system.



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