Santo Antão: Damages were not as important as elsewhere in the country but there are difficult situations to face

Ribeira Grande, Sep 21 (Inforpress) – Minister Rui Figueiredo Soares, in Paul, considered that the damage caused by the rains in Santo Antão “was not as important as elsewhere in the country”, but admits that “there are difficult situations to face”.

The deputy minister of the Prime Minister and Regional Integration, who ends this Saturday a visit to the island of Santo Antão for assessing the damage caused by the rains of September 7, told reporters that the first aspect to be mentioned is satisfaction and people’s joy at the fact that there is plenty of water, but he acknowledged that there are “difficult situations” that require a prompt response from the authorities.

For this, the City Hall have technicians from different areas working in the field and then send a survey of all the situations requiring the intervention from the authorities so that the Government can have a global idea of ​​the situation and can look to its partners.

According to the Mayor of Paul, substitute, Nilton Gomes, the problems already identified are essentially linked to the housing sectors, in which the City Hall was forced to accommodate 15 families whose houses were damaged by the rains, accessibility, namely, in terms of roads and back roads, and agriculture, especially in horticulture.


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