Santo Antão: Cabo Verdean associations in France donates ambulance to volunteer firefighters in Porto Novo

Porto Novo, Jan 7 (Inforpress) – The of Volunteer Firefighters Association of Porto Novo, in Santo Antão, managed to acquire an ambulance, resulting from cooperation with the associations Franco-Tarrafal and Raiz de Cabo Verde, both based in France.

The information was announced by the president of the Firefighters Association of Porto Novo, Clemente Gomes, explaining that the acquisition of the ambulance, which is already in Cabo Verde, is “the fruit” of a visit to Santo Antão by a representation of the two Cabo Verdean associations in France.

This responsible reported that the City Hall of Porto Novo, through the councilman for Civil Protection, Irlando Ramos, is collaborating with the local association of firefighters in the process, but clarified that the ambulance is the result of the cooperation of this institution with the counterparts of Franco-Tarrafal and Raizes of Cabo Verde.

The Associations Franco-Tarrafal and Raiz de Cabo Verde, chaired, respectively, by Millo Varela and Maria João, in addition to the ambulance, also undertake to support the volunteer firefighters of Porto Novo with other equipment and training in different areas, the same source said.



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