Santo Antão: Bad agricultural year attenuated with some coffee production in Santa Isabel – farmers

Porto Novo, Jan 25 (Inforpress) – Rainfed agricultural production in Santa Isabel and surroundings, on the island of Santo Antão, was “null” this year, because of pests, but the situation was “a little mitigated” with some production of coffee.

Who says it are the farmers, who explain that, despite the “good rains” recorded in 2022, rainfed production was “practically nil” in Santa Isabel and surroundings, due to the action of pests, namely the millipede and the caterpillar corn-cartridge.

The spokesperson for the farmers, Benvindo Melo, told Inforpress that, after a few years of drought, it ended up raining a lot in 2022 in Santa Isabel, but only that the pests prevented families from getting the desired production.

“Even with a good amount of rain, we didn’t get any production because the pests, especially the millipede and caterpillar corn-cartridge, didn’t let us. Fortunately, some people will get some coffee production to alleviate the situation a little”, noted this farmer.



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