Santo Antão: Assol Garcia performance marks the opening of “Nós Raiz” Village in Porto Novo



Porto Novo, June 19 (Inforpress) – Assol Garcia will perform today in Porto Novo in the opening of the “Nós Raiz” Village, a space where for three days a series of cultural events will be held within the St. John festivities framework.

On the first day of the Cultural Village, besides Assol Garcia, the band Djony and Banda, from the city of Porto Novo, and local voices will perform, as well as a traditional dance show with the Maravilha Tropical group.

Drums, the opening of a handicraft production workshop, a photographic exhibition on the patron saint and presentation of an academic work on St. John by Father Ademário Delgado, in which he defends the creation of the basilica of St. John in Porto Novo are other activities that mark the Cultural Village opening.

This Tuesday will be dedicated to hip-hop music, with the performance of Hélio Batalha and local rappers.




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