Santo Antão: António Espírito Santo defends reinforcement of the Ombudsman’s Office presence in Cabo Verde


Porto Novo, July 10  (Inforpress) – The need to strengthen the Ombudsman’s presence in Cabo Verde and its greater dissemination to citizens are some of the concerns that the Ombudsman, António Espirito Santo, wants to see overcome in the near future.

António Espírito Santo, who was in Santo Antão on Sunday, where he gave a lecture on the importance of the Christian family and Ombudsman in the construction of justice, believes that citizens are becoming aware of the Ombudsman importance in the defense of their Rights, but, in his view, there is still a need to strengthen the presence of this institution in Cabo Verde.

The Ombudsman reported that the institution he directs is aimed at creating “various instruments” to strengthen its presence in Cabo Verde, increase citizens’ knowledge of the institution, their skills and the means used to complaints.

More than a hundred citizens, with 90 complaints, have already appealed to the Ombudsman’s Office, which is concerned at this time to further publicize its function so that Cabo Verdeans know better the institution and can use “this instrument” that according to the official, the State make available and the Cabo Verdeans “begin to see the Ombudsman importance” in the defense of their rights.







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