Santo Antão: “Another bad agricultural year calls us what kind of agriculture we need for the island” – Jorge Santos

Porto Novo, Nov 06 (Inforpress) – Santo Antão faces another “very negative” agricultural year and this calls on the public authorities to a “deep reflection” on what type of agriculture is suitable for this island and Cabo Verde, in a general way.

The statement was made by the President of the National Assembly, Jorge Santos, at the end of a three-day visit to Santo Antão, an island where, in his view, “rain is scarce and unforeseeable” but with potential in agriculture, tourism and in some industry, that can be developed within the framework of a program that creates “new opportunities” to the population of Santo Antão.

“It is even exhausting for the government to be repeating the same programs every year. We must reflect and get out of this vicious circle, “said Jorge Santos, defending the elaboration of a program that creates “new employment opportunities” for Santo Antão.

For this island, the president of the parliament, who is also MP elected by Santo Antão constituency, elects as a “fundamental question” the improvement of the management of the little water available, through the massification of new irrigation technologies, a concern that he intends to discuss with the Government.



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