Santo Antão: Alembic stills stamped from August on behalf of the preservation and appreciation of genuine grogue 


Porto Novo, July 13 (Inforpress) – Almost all grogue producers in Santo Antão have already completed the process for making brandy for the 2017 crop, just over two weeks remaining for sealing the stills.

In Ribeira da Cruz, in the municipality of Porto Novo, an area known for its “good grogue quality”, the producers confirm that all of the brandy’s production has been completed for some time now, and the next crop is already in the pipeline which starts within six months.

The General Inspection of Economic Activities (IGAE) making from August to the sealing of the stills, a measure which, according to a technician from this institution on the island, besides being imposed by law, is mainly aimed at the preservation and valorization of sugarcane grogue.

In 2016, there were allegations that some farmers continued to produce the grogue even after the legally established period, a situation that the producers do not want to see repeated this year in the name of preserving the genuine grogue of Santo Antão.

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