Santo Antão: Aguisa alert for the state of the “majority” of tourist trails because of the high tourism season is coming

Porto Novo, Sep 27 (Inforpress) – The Tourism Guides Association of Santo Antão (Aguisa) alert Monday for the state of the “majority” of tourist trails on this island, which were damaged during recent rains and calls for “urgency” in the recovery of these tourist routes.

According to the president of Aguisa, Odair Gomes, a few days before the start of the tourism high season in Santo Antão, which takes place between October and May, “most of the trails” are damaged following the recent rains, which occurred in early September, in this region.

Therefore, this responsible wants the recovery of these trails to be “urgent” as the tourism high season in Santo Antão approaches, during which thousands of tourists are expected to hike in search of nature.

“With the recent rains, most of the trails are damaged. The work of cleaning and reconstruction must be urgent, since it is coming the tourism high season”, he noted.

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