Santa Catarina: Mayor guarantees that municipality will have a new code of municipal posture this year

Assomada, Jun 30 (Inforpress) – The councilor for Security and Civil Protection guaranteed Monday that the municipality of Santa Catarina will have a new code of municipal posture this year, “stricter”, in order to follow the evolution of the municipality in several sectors.

Speaking to Inforpress, Emanuel Carvalhal said that the proposal for the new code of municipal posture in Santa Catarina, which he considered “more rigorous” than the code in force since 1996, will be submitted to the Municipal Assembly for approval at the extraordinary session scheduled for August.

In his opinion, the changes will be made to the current code are justified, taking into account the ongoing development and current events in this municipality in the countryside of Santiago.

According to the ruler, among the amendments to the new code are changes related to the supervision of trade that is now only in the market, taking into account the implementation of the Municipal Police will not allow street sales, opening hours and operation, pollution sound, organization of fairs (informal commerce), sanitation (everything that jeopardizes public health), vandalization of public assets, and introduction of bicycle number plates.

Bearing in mind that the elaboration of this new code will entail costs, Emanuel Carvalhal argues that it is not worth making a “beautiful” code if people are not going to comply with it, asking for a change in the mentality of Santa Catarina.



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