Santa Catarina: Fonte Lima residents organize cultural fair to promote local products

Assomada, Jul 29 (Inforpress) – The Association for the Development of Fonte Lima (APDFL) is organizing next Sunday, August 2, the first edition of the cultural fair to promote local products and boost the economy in this community of the countryside of Santiago.

The information was given to Inforpress, this Tuesday, by one of the members of the organization, José Luís Semedo, who said that the event also aims to make visitors aware of that place known for its tradition of producing clay pieces.

As he recalled, APDFL recently promoted a campaign to clean and plant trees, aiming to prepare the community for this fair, which, according to him, could be the kick-off for other cultural events.

The event, he said, will mainly count on the participation of local marketers, especially those who did street sales and lost their income due to the new coronavirus, which will present ceramic products, lace and embroidery and biological agricultural products (without fertilizers and pesticides).

José Luís Semedo also indicated that during the event, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the history of the Fonte Lima ceramics, which has two potteries that are keeping this tradition alive.



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