Santa Catarina: Cancer is the second leading cause of death and cervical cancer has been reported “most dead” – responsible

Assomada, Oct 28 (Inforpress) – Cancer is the second leading cause of death in Santa Catarina, and cervical cancer is the one that has “most died” in that municipality of the countryside of Santiago, Health delegate Elisangela Tavares said.

“Right now, as it has been happening all over the country, cancer is the second cause of death in Santa Catarina. The first cause of death is stroke and the second is cancer and we have almost every type of cancer (breast, cervix, prostate, intestine and stomach)”, said Elisângela Tavares.

This health official, spoke to the press this Sunday after the “Pink October” march that traveled through the main streets of the city of Assomada and happened simultaneously in other municipalities of the country as part of the celebrations of “Pink October”, which had a good participation of women and once again with poor adherence of men.

According to the doctor, breast, cervical and prostate cancer are among the first cancers, followed by intestine and stomach cancer, which also have been high in Santa Catarina, as she said.



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