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Sal: Sons of Sabino Évora launch “Liginha meu Anjo”, a work by the author who passed away eight years ago

Espargos, Sep 24 (Inforpress) – The sons of Sabino Évora, author of the book entitled “Liginha meu Anjo”, who passed away eight years ago, presented the work this Thursday, the 23rd, a “precious” legacy left to the family, Christian community and Cabo Verdean literature.

The presentation of the book “Liginha meu Anjo”, a work dedicated to the firstborn daughter, Lígia Évora, who in 1999 had provided her father Sabino Évora with a trip to Israel, the author’s dream country, was considered a “unique, special” moment, whose legacy is regarded as “a precious heritage”.

In Israel, father and daughter, that is, Sabino and Ligia, visited all the places where Jesus passed, from the Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem, that heavenly city, the Jordan where Jesus baptized, Cafarnaum, Tel Aviv, the Upper Room, the Palace of David, among other remarkable places, which for Lígia Évora was a revive, a history passed in the land of Jesus.

If Mr. Sabino were alive, would turned in September 23, 93 years old. One coincidence is that Sabino Évora traveled to Israel on July 10, 1999, having also died on July 10, but in 2013.



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