Sal Island: Young entrepreneurs overcome challenges with a focus on business success

Espargos, May 17 (Inforpress) – Young entrepreneurs, on the island of Sal, overcome challenges, set up strategies to optimize their business, focusing on professional success, as their own boss.

Working on your own seems to be a dream for many young people, a way out for those who, being unemployed, understood to overcome fear, the fear of “not working out”, and invest in a safe business, starting from scratch, looking for new horizons and desired quality of life.

However, working on your own is not as simple as it seems, but it gives “enjoyment, freedom and independence”, as Celestino Ramos, entrepreneur in the Physical Education area, in the Fitness area, and Ivanilda Gomes, owner of an Apothecary, created three years ago, called “Ivanilda Accessories”.

Telling a little of their story, both Celestino Ramos, 33 years old, and Ivanilda, 36 years old, indicated that setting up their own business was the realization of a dream of becoming their own boss, a personal achievement. However, they emphasize that this requires sacrifices, a lot of discipline so that you don’t lose focus, or distract yourself with other problems, typical of youth.



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