Sal Island: Tourism in low season, but economic operators face period with good expectation


Espargos, 11 Apr (Inforpress) – Tourism is in low season, but the economic operators in Sal see the period with some expectation in relation to the previous years, believing in the forecasts that point to the increase of the demand of Cabo Verde as a tourist destination.

According to the operators, from April to September / October the tourism market enters its so-called low season, but the Sal island in this specific case where there is also good quality infrastructure and infrastructure capacity, human resources is still experiencing a “good moment”.

Based on the weather conditions – summer all over the year, sun and beach, cultural resources, water sports, among other potential tourist attractions, in addition to the “good gastronomy and safety climate”, the economic operators in the different areas of activity expressed to be hopefull with the tourist movement, and should extend, as they predict, during the summer, although with some break, since at this moment the hotels do not register the same occupation rate.

They are aware that during the summer things are changing, operators are still optimistic, while others are taking advantage of the low station to do some works in their establishments, in case of the Americo’s Restaurant, which will close the doors for a period of four months.




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