Sal Island: SCM and autarchy promote training on “Copyright and related rights”

Espargos, 22 May (Inforpress) – The Cape Verdean Music Society today promotes a training course on “Copyright and related rights – how to generate economic income through collective rights management”, aimed at cultural agents linked to music, in the municipality of Sal.

Developed in partnership with the City Council of Sal, musicians, authors, artists, interpreters, performers, editor, music users partners, among others, in the cities of Santa Maria and Espargos, participate in this training action that aims to create conditions for the implementation of the system of protection and integration in the field of music, in the municipality, through a representative organization of the same, national and international.

Increase the capacity of the professional management of copyright in the digital sphere, present to the Municipality of Sal, projects of integration and valorisation of local authors and artists, raising awareness of the importance of copyright protection and fair remuneration for creators by music-using partners to ensure the prosperity of the cultural sector and creative industries in the country, are among others, also objectives of this training.

“In order to consolidate the system of copyright protection as the legitimate system of the creative industries’ own economy, and make a greater dynamism so that, here on the island of Sal, we can have a strong exchange between the tourism sector and the cultural sector, through music”, explained Solange Cesarovna, president of the Cape Verdean Music Society (SCM).



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