Sal Island: Sal’s residents regret the “Ildo Lobo” school ruin in Pedra de Lume closed three years ago

Espargos, Oct 2 (Inforpress) – The Sal’s natives and Pedra de Lume residents continue to regret the abandonment of the “Ildo Lobo” school, now in complete ruin, after its closure in 2016 and experiencing various acts of vandalism.

“If Pedra de Lume stays with us, stays inhabited, one day we will have the happiness of seeing the school rehabilitated and working”, predicts Ana, one of the residents.

Also, watching the state of ruin that Ildo Lobo School is in, joining the voice to the Sal natives and residents, the elected municipal official Kátia Carvalho said she felt “immense” sadness and indignation, due to “lack of coherence” in the justifications.

“The information they give us about the future of the school is contradictory. Now they say one thing, sometimes they say another one. They confuse us. They have no intention of recovering the Pedra de Lume school. The idea is to keep it closed… and this is serious,” the municipal elected official said.



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