Sal Island: Old DMN facilities in works to receive Municipal Market of the Espargos

Espargos, Feb 1 (Inforpress) – The building of the old DMN facilities, in Morro Curral, in Sal, has been under construction since the last quarter of last year to receive the Espargos Municipal Market, but it is not known when it will be concluded.

According to information available to Inforpress, the works for the construction of the Espargos Municipal Market should be completed in December, however, to evaluate the state of the rough, it will take some time.

However, it is notorious in the locality the absence of a guiding plate, with information, for example, on the type of construction, owner of the work, term of execution, contractor, inspection, among other useful clarifications, situation demanded by the residents and citizens.

However, satisfied with the realization of the works in question, an old claim, the people approached by Inforpress are curious about the project of transforming the interior of the DMN into the market, which should accommodate spaces for fish, meat, vegetables, among others food security of the populations and the dignity of the sellers.



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