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Sal Island: Hospital director ensures that the transport of blood for laboratory analysis is done “safely”

Espargos, Oct 15 (Inforpress) – The Ramiro Figueira Hospital director, in the Sal Island, today ensured that the transport of blood for laboratory analysis, intended for transfusions is done safely, with “all attention and care”, even by sea.

Sal Island is an island with a considerable number of voluntary blood donors, however, according to information Inforpress found out, the collected blood is ” long time reserved” waiting until its transport for laboratory analysis in Praia or São Vicente.

Some people and even donors express concern about the matter, questioning whether in fact the blood to be examined in São Vicente, in this case, arrives properly and security, since it’s to save lives.

Faced with these concerns, the hospital director, Cláudia Silva reported that currently the blood for transfusion is transported by sea, well packed, taking care of all the processes involving its transport and storage safely, within the ideal temperature.



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